by CosMyth

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Lets go on a cosmyth journey to an intergalactic dance party! Get out the glow sticks and lets show this universe just how funky earthlings can be!


released July 27, 2013

Beatz by DJ Migz and vocals by Watts Hopp of Future Lab Rats.



all rights reserved


Future Lab Rats Lehigh Acres, Florida

Comics & Music! Since May of 2011, Watts Hopp aka Baron & Larry the Alien have been writing songs and stories about the future invasion of the Digirat Army!

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Track Name: Drive
night drivin'
now were criusin'
with the speakers pumpin'
and the bass thumpin'

lets go for a drive
hop in passenger side
and i'll take you for a ride
give that man a high five
as we pass him by
pushin' down the throttle
swerve around all the potholes
go fast like a demon
but do not get caught speedin'
roll the windows down
so we get some fresh air
let the wind play with your hair
make it a tangled mess
live life without stress
stress free life style is back in style
Track Name: Breeze
we are all connected
through the breeze

we all need to breathe
if you open your eyes you'll see
it blows through the trees
inhale the breeze
freeze in time
life of every kind
has exhaled the air
the breeze that we all share


we are connected
through the breeze

feel the wind
and play in it with your friend
the same air is for everyone
so why is there so much pollution
want clean air, spectacular
its popular, to be aware
i have to fear a future where
there is no clean air

Track Name: Open Blue
the open blue
is waiting for you
lets all dive in
to the ocean

make big splash
as i crash
cannon bomb
take me down
to the bottom
to meet the clown fish
and the star fish
giant whales
and other animals

see the reefs
sea snakes
dont make mistakes
with your oxygen tank
put your goggles on
don't want to drown
in the abyss
find atlantis
grab the fin of a shark
take ya deep into the dark
swimming all day
and always wanna play
but watch out for horney dolphins
they love jumpin'
and they love humpin'
in the ocean
Track Name: Rain2Go
it is always raining on me
it is always pouring on me

i hold my head up high
but rain drops hit my eyes
i still don't cry
as i try to see the bright side
of everything
trying not to get upset
with every miss step
a magnet for bad luck
lightning rod for misfortune

the rain brings pain
but it'll be ok
wear a rain coat
and learn to float
on your back
but stay on track
and don't let things hold you back
stay on the attack
be vigilant
but also be patient
keep movin' forward
jump obstical
and it will be alright in the end
or then again
maybe it wont my friend
but keep up hope
don't say wont
and maybe things will get better
Track Name: Dream Machine

hook your head up into the machine
we wanna capture all of your dreams
film all the filth inside of your head
with our electronic bed
made to capture all of your thoughts
this thing will even captures rain drops
we don't want the standard things
or dreams of nothing
i want it to be amazing
crazy thoughts of anything
splice it up, edited it down
pass it out to everyone
to be found
on the interwebs
lettem no what my dreams are like
bipolar maybe, ya why
cause those thoughts make for the best of vids
especailly the adhd kids
project your brain waves
screen caputre for days
everyone will be slaves
to the internet craze
recording dreams is the new thing
have to be insane to be the last one on this train
Track Name: Flying Tanks
flying tanks
patrol our landscape
in our forgotten
video game

living in a digital society
an electronic fantasy
sending shock waves
in the information age
it would seem nobody wants to pay
attention to our problems
so its up to us to solve them
we may be in this video game
but we never even asked to play
now break away from code
and riot with all the town folk
to overthrow
our digital master
turtle freak disaster
get your hands on a blaster
jump on bad guys skulls
and blow up his castles
show him that he cant control
glitches with souls

we're glitches with souls

they've got flying tanks
patrolling our landscape
in our forgotten
video game

use all the tips and tricks
just like the pros of old
back when games were sold
in stores, not digital
remember arcades
well that's where we were played
back in the good old days
oh well anyways
we've still got plenty of lives
& that power up just made me fly
now lets beat this bad guy
knock him into the lava where he'll fry
make sure to get his offspring
who knows what kind of evil things
they have been planning
i think this is the ending
for this king
freedom from his ring
freedom from all his dominating

freedom from this king
freedom from his ring
freedom no more dominating
Track Name: Revenant
i am the
dark spirit
the resident

resident revenant

terrifiy monster living
down in the cellar
this is where he drags his victims
from the sidewalks where he abducts them
down in this dark place
is where he lets out all his rage
put a human in the cage
naked in their own waste
he treats us so badly
cause we treated him like garbage
when he was alive
but now hes dead
an evil vengeful spirit
this towns resident revenant

the resident revenant

i am the
dark spirit
the resident

no i am not decent
ill bring ya to my basement
and stab ya with these hooks
hang you by your foot
let the blood drain
i know your in pain
sow your mouth shut
so i don't have to put up
with all the bitching
and your screaming
finally your showing some feelings
goddamn man human beings
i wouldn't have gone so hard
if you didn't push me away so far
but now i'm your resident revenant

resident revenant

i am the
dark spirit
the resident revenant
Track Name: Oogie Boogie
the beast under your bed
is really inside your head
feeding on your nightmares

giving you nightmares
feeding on your fears

while i'm dreaming
something biting
i woke up bleeding
he said no peeking
teeth are gleaming
i am shivering
under blankets
where i am hiding
im not speaking
only screaming
it's not safe here
or anywhere
he follows me
at night
when i sleep
he will creep
back into my life
i just wish that he would die

the beast under your bed
is inside your head
feeding on your nightmares

now i'm an insomniac
Track Name: Comic Books
i wanna read comic books
and get action figures from the hooks

yo check it out
the new issues are out
comics are so much fun
and so are toy guns
all ages, for everyone
gotta read all the new stuff
sit around and discuss
plots and different ways
to escape riddler's maze
my life is a blurry haze
animation for days
with pop-sickles in my hair
and comics book scattered everywhere

i wanna read comic books
and get action figures from their hooks
i wanna read comic books


i wanna read comic books
Track Name: Begun
it has begun
the birth of humans

put my foot down in africa
this is where the birth of
us, we began near the zebras
we need shelter

evolution from apes then
we became cave man
eating mushrooms and paintin'
we need some tools

it has begun
the birth of humans

gather logs to build a fire
use the rocks as a lighter
dance for good weather
we need some rain

it has begun
the birth of humans

it has begun
the birth humans
it has begun

we devoloped thought
made clay pots
invented the wheel
learned how to steal
and how to kill
neaderthals were no match for us
wolves used to be tough
but now they're our pups
now we've got cars
we've come so far
but at what a price
the rich don't think twice
about the poor
always wanting more
this planets not the same
it's kind of a shame
but who is to blame
i want to live forever
i want to live forever

we discovered the wheel

it has begun
the birth of humans

oh no